My loves on my finger

Every now and then, I travel alone. For work, but now that Stella has passed the first year and we’ve settled down to quite an easy daily life.. I actually feel like I have the freedom again to also go away for a couple of days of kids-free time.  Read More

Ibiza with kids

Our very first beach holidays with two kids – and where better to spend them than Ibiza? Many people know the island to be famous for its party life and might not think of it as the ideal destination for a family vacation. However, I had heard so many good stories about it having that whole other, relaxed side for people and families seeking a laid back vacation.. And when husband fell in love with the island on a business trip and was sure I would too, it was clear I would want to see it with my own eyes soon. Finally, in October last year, the vacation we had looked forward to so long, we were headed to Ibiza.. Read More

Flying alone with two kids

It’s been quiet on the blog the last month, as we were off to Switzerland for two weeks and enjoyed the hot summer days in Amsterdam. We spent our time outside as much as possible and exhausted at the end of the day. Now the last week of my maternity leave has started. Trying not to plan too much, getting a few last things off my to do list and enjoying all the precious moments around the kids before working life starts again. And of course catching up with the blogging a bit! Starting with this blog post about flying with both kids on my own for the first time…
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Family vacation in Otterlo (NL)

A couple of weeks ago, we did something we’ve rarely done so far: we spent a (mini) vacation in our home country. After doing some research and looking for options that weren’t too far away from Amsterdam, we chose Otterlo as the destination for our very first family of four vacation. It was the perfect try-out for future holidays in our new family set up. There`s definitely room for improvement regarding our packing strategies, but as for everything else, I think it went really smoothly. For anyone looking for a nice and simple but active holiday with kids in Holland`s nature, here`s more about what we did during our trip to Otterlo..
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Water fun in Amsterdam

We’ve had so many hot days in May so far, often felt like we’re in the middle of summer. Summer for me means spending time at a lake, river, the sea.. Living in Amsterdam, the lake and the river were the things I missed the most about Zurich during summers. The canals are beautiful to look at, but what’s the use if you can’t go for a swim on hot summer days?

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Our Kingsday in Amsterdam

Being  a Swiss expat in Holland, I never thought I could fall in love with a Dutch holiday: Kingsday. April 27 is the day that the whole nation celebrates the king’s Birthday. Or rather: makes use of the excuse to dress up in orange and make sure to have a blast. My favourite part of Kingsday in Amsterdam is the ‘Vrijmarkt’: people sell their old stuff on the streets and in parks. We’ve always loved flea markets and looking for vintage treasures. But since Henrik was born, it’s also a day to hunt for toys, books and clothes.

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A babymoon

Amongst all the things I did during my first pregnancy, my babymoon is one of my dearest memories. I can’t stress enough how much I’d advise any mom-to be to plan one. If you have an issue-free pregnancy and feel fit to travel, this is the time to plan your – at least for a while – last baby-free trip. There’s lots of babymoon options of course: spend a long weekend or a romantic holiday as a couple, plan a trip with your girlfriends, attend a retreat by yourself.. Whatever you choose to do, it basically comes down to spending quality time with yourself, the people close to you, and having lots of time to do whatever you please whenever you please before your newborn baby will turn your world upside down.

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My top baby travel items

When you’re traveling with a baby, it’s suddenly not so much about you own luggage anymore. The focus changes to what you need for the baby during the journey and your stay. During our trips with Henrik when he was a baby, we discovered some items that made traveling with him a lot easier. We actually still use most of them now that he’s a toddler. Here’s a top list of travel items I found specially handy:
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A relaxing baby-holiday

Most things in a couple’s life change with the arrival of a baby. And the same certainly goes for our holidays. We didn’t completely change our choice of destinations and we haven’t planned a Centerparcs holiday so far. But we have certainly discovered some things that made our holidays more relaxing when Henrik was a baby than if we had just completely ignored the fact that we had a new travel companion with us and followed our original preferences. Read More

London baby!

London is one of my favorite cities. I fell in love with it when I was 16. It was my very first big trip without my parents and me and my two high school girlfriends were deeply impressed by this buzzing city, the stylish people and of course.. Lion King, the musical. Six years later, in 2008, I got to live there for half a year as an exchange student. Those six months are responsible for so many great memories, and it probably planted the seed of me moving abroad a couple of years later.. Last October, I attended a conference during the week in London and we grabbed the chance add a weekend for a family trip.

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