My loves on my finger

Every now and then, I travel alone. For work, but now that Stella has passed the first year and we’ve settled down to quite an easy daily life.. I actually feel like I have the freedom again to also go away for a couple of days of kids-free time.  Read More

Life with two kids lately… Halfway through our first year

Based on the silence on this blog lately, you can probably guess that busy work and mom life have taken over my agenda since my maternity leave ended. We’ve been settling into a new routine of combining two kids and our jobs, and after almost two months of doing so, I’d say we’re doing quite alright! And before we knew it, we had a six months old baby, next to our toddler. Time to look back a bit and how parenthood is treating us now..
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Starting an expat life

This month marks my 7th anniversary as an expat in the Netherlands. Ten years ago, I’d never have thought I’d move abroad for such a long time. And if I imagined it, it would certainly not have been Holland, a country I never even visited before I met a certain Dutch guy..
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Breastfeeding struggles

When I was pregnant for the first time, I was actually surprised when someone asked if I was planning to breastfeed. Somehow, it  had never crossed my mind that this was a decision you could make. I just assumed that breastfeeding is what every mother does and so it would be what I’d be doing, too. Maybe that has something to do with my mother always telling me how I used to run to her boobs when I was already three years old ;-). Only when I started to read more about the subject I discovered what a heatedly discussed topic the choice for breastfeeding versus the alternative of using formula was…

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My nursing wardrobe

If there’s something that felt like a disadvantage of breastfeeding, it’s always having to consider it when getting dressed to leave the house. With the pregnant belly gone, I was a bit bumped that I couldn’t wear all the clothes I had missed for so many months. But by now, I have a choice of pieces that make it easier to nurse discretely in public. While I wear whatever fits at home, I feel most comfortable going out knowing it won’t be a hassle to nurse with what I’m wearing.
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Becoming a happy working mom #2

Like so many things around parenthood, the way we organize our work and family life has been something we just really figured out once our son was born. Becoming a happy working mom was a process during which ideas I had for years changed. I started to tell about that journey in this first post and this is the second part.

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Becoming a happy working mom #1

When you’re pregnant for the first time, you get faced with a whole world of frequently discussed parenting topics quite quickly. Some of them are even subjects of heated discussions that never seem to calm down. One of them is the period of time that parents – or let’s be honest, most of the time the mother – stays at home with the newborn baby. This question goes hand in hand with if, how old and how many days a child is brought to daycare. For me, the decision of how we organize the care for our son, has definitely been a learning process. I found out that what I used to think was my ideal picture wasn’t what I wanted once I put it in practice. I also learned that for this (and another dozen things around motherhood) aspect of being a parent, you need to grow a thick skin and stay confident with whatever you decide is best for yourself and your family. Because there will always be people who completely disagree with your approach, and every now and then, they will tell you so in your face, pushing those guilt-, doubt- and pride-buttons you carry around as a mom.

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My first career step in the Netherlands

Five years ago today, I was standing at the New Year’s reception of the Dutch-German chamber of commerce in the Hague (DNHK). This was where I’d be working as an intern for the public relations department for the next couple of months. Nervously engaging in some small talk with the other new interns, I was highly concerned how I’d manage to eat my oliebol (a traditional Dutch pastry that you eat for New Year’s) without getting the powdered sugar all over my carefully chosen and ironed outfit. Making a good impression was a huge deal for me, hoping this would be the first step of a hopefully successful career.

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A big bellies New Year’s Eve

Happy new year everyone! I hope you started well into 2016, with loved ones around you and just the way you wanted to celebrate the beginning a a new year. Together with our best friends, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and then watched the fireworks from the rooftop terrace. Us three ladies had one thing in common: we’re all expecting!  Read More

New year’s resolution

With the end of the year nearing, it’s the moment to make plans for the coming year. To think about changes, putting ideas into action once and for all. 2015 year was a super busy year. We moved out of our house, did a major renovation, moved back in. We got married and went on our honeymoon. I got pregnant. You get the idea! So for the coming year, especially with the new baby arriving, the main plan is to keep calm and as relaxed as possible. Read More