My loves on my finger

Every now and then, I travel alone. For work, but now that Stella has passed the first year and we’ve settled down to quite an easy daily life.. I actually feel like I have the freedom again to also go away for a couple of days of kids-free time.Β Traveling alone feels so strange to me, as I usually always fly with the kids. On one hand, I travel ultra light because I am used to most of our luggage being filled with children’s stuff. On the other hand, waiting for the plane and being on a plane almost feels boring. No challenge of keeping the kids entertained and happy.

It is a luxury to spend some time away every now and then. But although I love getting to have that, there’s almost no moment I don’t think of the kids and I usually miss them quite a lot when away from them. I always liked the idea of always having them with me in a symbolic way. So I considered getting a tattoo. But I can’t think of a tattoo I’d like and want to be sure it will be something I am happy with forever.

A less permanent and very stylish option for me seemed personalized jewellery. So when Kaya jewellery offered I could choose a piece from their webshop, I knew straight away what I wanted to have. A silver ring with the names of my kids and husband engraved. It is a simple and elegant design and yet very personal because no one will have those three names on their finger. I received the ring within three working days after my order and am happily wearing it every day now – traveling or not :-).

image1 (11)


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