Ibiza with kids

Our very first beach holidays with two kids – and where better to spend them than Ibiza? Many people know the island to be famous for its party life and might not think of it as the ideal destination for a family vacation. However, I had heard so many good stories about it having that whole other, relaxed side for people and families seeking a laid back vacation.. And when husband fell in love with the island on a business trip and was sure I would too, it was clear I would want to see it with my own eyes soon. Finally, in October last year, the vacation we had looked forward to so long, we were headed to Ibiza..

We usually don’t plan our holidays a lot of time ahead. With these holidays, it was different. We had talked about how going on holidays with friends would be a great idea, especially now that all of our close friends have kids and we’re now all in the same boat. With eight adults, two toddlers and four babies, we decided to rent a villa that offered enough space for all of us. Going in October meant the island and beaches were less busy, but also brought the risk of rainy days. So we wanted to make sure we could stay in the house with the whole crowd without going crazy.

the view from our room

We rented a house through OneVillas Ibiza, who also rented the cars for us. Each family rented their own car which was ideal. Ibiza is definitely best to be explored by car. And while we all had dinner together and enjoyed the evenings after all kids were tucked in, we had quite different programmes on most days. The four of us went to a different beach every day as soon as the sun would come out. Because while the first day was rainy and we feared the worst for the whole week, we were quite lucky and enjoyed a nice warm week. With a baby of 9 months at that time, it was quite nice that the sun wasn’t burning down on us. I really liked the island and its people. It was such a positive surprise how authentic and friendly most people in the restaurants and cafes were, it often felt like you were in a place that wasn’t that used to masses of tourists.

mmh, calamares! my absolute Spanish favorite and Henrik turned out to be a lover too

The only downside I see are the prices, especially if you want to rent something in the higher season. A house like the one we stayed at is quite expensiveย in summer. Our villa was absolutely stunning and I could have spent more time there than just the week. If you don’t feel like driving around, you could still have a super relaxing week if you just stayed around the house. It had a big pool and was surrounded by a garden full of fruit trees. No other house in sight meant it really felt like we escaped the everyday life completely.

Definitely a place we’d like to go back to, many beaches we didn’t see and would surely be worth visiting!


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