Life with two kids lately… Halfway through our first year

Based on the silence on this blog lately, you can probably guess that busy work and mom life have taken over my agenda since my maternity leave ended. We’ve been settling into a new routine of combining two kids and our jobs, and after almost two months of doing so, I’d say we’re doing quite alright! And before we knew it, we had a six months old baby, next to our toddler. Time to look back a bit and how parenthood is treating us now..

So when I started my blog, I got the remark a few times that I probably wouldn’t have any time for it anymore once I had two kids. And as so often, people were right. It’s not that there aren’t any quiet moments left to blog – I actually try to plan as little as possible in our free time and allow ourselves to mainly spend time with each other without a full agenda. Doing things we feel like that day spontanously. But quiet moments are surely (even) more scarce now, and I try not to spend them too much looking at a screen and being busy. Because I do that for my job already a lot.

My social life, especially after sunset, has decreased a lot. Fatigue and new mom hormones keep me close to home and right now, I’m really just happy with that. Netflix is a true companion for pregnant women and new moms: in a phase of your life where evening plans have mostly disappeared from your agenda, it is a gift that you’re not stuck with whatever television has to offer. But I must admit that on many nights after bringing both kids to bed, I’m already glad if I stay awake throughout the evening news. 

Going back to work was both fun and rough. I loved having that piece of my life outside of our home back. But I missed my baby and after almost half a year at home in the baby bubble, it was a lot of information my brain had to get used to again. Still breastfeeding also meant I had to get into a routine of pumping when not home. The best decision ever was husband staying home for my first month back at work. I didn’t have to worry about getting the kids ready for daycare or cooking dinner. I had my househusband and was able to just focus on settling into my routine of getting ready and to work. 

What a gift to have your husband at home taking care of the kids! Other than me, he managed to have a homecooked meal ready for us every night. I think it was a great experience for us as a family, although he’s back at work now and didn’t decide for a career at home regrettably ;-). Once we both went back to work, we faced the new task of getting two kids out of the house in time to daycare on three days a week. This, as well as picking them up after work, making dinner and getting them to bed, was something I saw as a huge ovewhelming thing before my leave had ended.

But my worries turned out to be quite unnecessary. Sure, sometimes it’s stressful to rush home after a busy day at work and care for your kids rather than just crashing on the sofa. However, I knew that already, and having Stella added to our routine wasn’t twice as much work and stress as I had feared. I’m sure that can change once she becomes a toddler with her own temper and moods. Now she’s one happy baby who sits with us at the table, eating anything we offer her and not resisting bedtime. But as with most things so far, I believe we’ll just grow into it as we go, without even noticing how we’re steadily adjusting to the new and ever changing situation. 

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