Water fun in Amsterdam

We’ve had so many hot days in May so far, often felt like we’re in the middle of summer. Summer for me means spending time at a lake, river, the sea.. Living in Amsterdam, the lake and the river were the things I missed the most about Zurich during summers. The canals are beautiful to look at, but what’s the use if you can’t go for a swim on hot summer days?

By now, and especially since Henrik joined me as a big water fan, I have found quite a couple of kidsproof places where we like to enjoy sunny days with some water fun in and around Amsterdam. Here’s an overview of our favorite water spots:

Westerpark – paddling pool

Westerpark is a huge park in West Amsterdam. Close to the Eastern entrance, there’s a water basin for children to play in. It can get crowded during weekends, we often go there after day care pick up on weekdays. Henrik loves to run around and ‘swim’ in the shallow water.

Haarlemmerplein – splash pad

I was delighted when this square in the centre of Amsterdam, close to Westerpark, was renovated a couple of years ago and a splash pad was placed. On a hot day, it’s the best place to end a shopping day to cool off. As we live close by, it’s also no drama if Henrik gets in with clothes and all still on πŸ™‚

Brediusbad – Public pool

This public swimming pool in Amsterdam West is the perfect place to spend a summer day with kids. It offers enough shadow, and pools for each age. A small shallow pool with toys for babies, and a bigger one with a section for toddlers and one for bigger kids. When spending the whole day outside, I like to have the facilities such as showers and toilets at hand, as well as a kiosk with some snacks and drinks.

Blijburg – city beach

This city beach in Ijburg, in Eastern Amsterdam, is a relaxed place to spend a summer day. Feeling the sand, swimming the water of the Ijsselmeer and enjoying the hippie vibe of the place and the restaurant there.


Amsterdamse Bos – paddling pools & lake

Amsterdamse Bos is a big (artificially created) forest that offers all kinds of options to spend time in nature. Next to that, there’s two paddling pools and a small lake. The latter is especially fun for older kids, as they get to ride boats, and there’s a little adventure island you can climb to. And for fans of airplanes (like Henrik): Airport Schiphol is just behine Amsterdam forest, so you get to see planes fly by while lying on the beach at the lake :-).


Het Twiske – ponds & beaches

Het Twiske is a big recreational area in the North of Amsterdam. It offers beautiful nature, with little lakes and beaches. It’s a nice day trip when combined with a bicycle ride to the area.

So here’s to lots of sunny summer days well spent at the water!

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