My nursing wardrobe

If there’s something that felt like a disadvantage of breastfeeding, it’s always having to consider it when getting dressed to leave the house. With the pregnant belly gone, I was a bit bumped that I couldn’t wear all the clothes I had missed for so many months. But by now, I have a choice of pieces that make it easier to nurse discretely in public. While I wear whatever fits at home, I feel most comfortable going out knowing it won’t be a hassle to nurse with what I’m wearing.

I have a selection of nursing-friendly items that I wear very often on occasions like going for a coffee, spending time at the playground, visiting friends etc. Most of them are not actually made specifically for nursing. Meaning that they fit my usual style and that I’ll also continue to wear them when I stop breastfeeding. 

  1. Wide cardigan: Cardigans are well represented in my warderobe. For nursing, a wide cardigan without buttons is my favorite. It serves as a cover and you don’t need a blanket (which I often forget to pack – post pregnancy brains!). The one on the picture is from Scotch&Soda.
  2. Denim shirt with press studs: Shirts are an obviosly good choice, as you can unbutton them as far as you need when nursing. During my pregnancy, I often wore a denim shirt of my husband, and as I really liked it, I’m glad I recently received this shirt from Paulina that fits my current size better. As it has press studs rather than buttons, it opens quickly. Comes in handy if you’re sitting in a cafe and your baby wants milk NOW πŸ™‚
  3. Flowy tops: This kind of top was already in my wardrobe, and it’s ideal for nursing and looking a bit more dressy when needed. It’s kind of a little tent you put your baby under πŸ˜‰ The one on the picture is from Mango, but I have one from COS as well, they tend to have that kind of wide flowy top a lot.
  4. Wrap-over top: I got one from Zalando during my pregnancy, and now it serves for nursing as well. It’s not the kind of top I would have considered buying not being pregnant. But with the bump, it looks cute and now I’m happy I have it in my nursing collection as well.
  5. Dress with buttons: Back with Henrik, I looked longingly at all my summer dresses I couldn’t wear. This time, I found a dress with buttons in the front by Studio Jux that I really liked and know I’ll wear in the future as well. I love wearing dresses in summer, so I’ll keep my eyes open for more dresses like this.
  6. Nursing tops: These are not really fashionable but I couldn’t leave them out here. I got them from a dear colleague and mom of three who knew I’d need them before I did (so glad to have those kind of super moms for advice around me!). They’re from H&M and I wear them at night. They hold the nursing pads in place, make the nightly feeds easier and are more comfortable than sleeping with a nursing bra on (duh!). Speaking of which: a good nursing bra is a must of course! Glad my mom dragged me to a lingerie store to get advice and the prefect bras – they’re the mother of my nursing warderobe haha.

4 thoughts on “My nursing wardrobe

    1. Hey Sarah-Beth, that’s so exciting, congratulations!! I wish you a wonderful pregnancy! Glad you found the post useful πŸ™‚


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