Our Kingsday in Amsterdam

Being Β a Swiss expat in Holland, I never thought I could fall in love with a Dutch holiday: Kingsday. April 27 is the day that the whole nation celebrates the king’s Birthday. Or rather: makes use of the excuse to dress up in orange and make sure to have a blast. My favourite part of Kingsday in Amsterdam is the ‘Vrijmarkt’: people sell their old stuff on the streets and in parks. We’ve always loved flea markets and looking for vintage treasures. But since Henrik was born, it’s also a day to hunt for toys, books and clothes.

The whole city is full with people who all have the same goal that day: have a great party together. So you walk (and dance) through the crowded streets, sipping some homemade sangria you bought from a guy who’s set up a bar on some bridge, wave to people passing on hundreds of boats on the canals, eating a cup cake you bought from a kid who’s saving for a playstation, and scan people’s stalls for stuff you need and mostly don’t need. But it’s the day to buy them anyway because the average price of things is one Euro πŸ˜€.

But back to the toys’ hunt. We usually don’t buy a lot of new toys. Henrik often gets them from friends and family and I worry more about him having too many than too few toys to be honest. On Kingsday, we buy toys though. People selling them tell you first hand how their kids loved to play with them and it’s fun to chat and bargain with all kinds of people. And you know that if they’re not being played with anymore, it’s not that great of a pity because the investment was minimal.

This year, Henrik got a little budget and it was cute to watch him making his choices for a selection of toys. For days, he’s been playing with his new achievements and I surely feel like I am partly becoming Dutch as I have to say that it makes me even happier knowing he got them for just a couple of Euros ha πŸ˜€. Here’s some fotos of our Kingsday in Amsterdam and the results of our toys’ hunt..



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