Pregnancy update: 39 weeks!

What a pregnancy week this 39th and hopefully second last has been.. Having a little chickenpox patient to care for meant I canceled basically all points on the agenda. No swimming, no pregnancy massage, no playdates. Not that I can complain, Henrik is hardly ever ill and if he is he hardly behaves like it. So I felt extra sorry seing him like that. And I am glad that he got sick now and I was able to give him all the time and attention he needed. Also, the weather was so crappy this week that we didn’t have to feel sorry at all for hardly leaving the house.

At my weekly check with the midwife, she asserted that baby’s head is completely descended now. With Henrik, this had already happened at 36 weeks. But apparently it’s common with the second one for it to take longer, as there’s more space to move in and out of the pelvis. My blood pressure was higher than usual, and I have also lost some weight. She read it all as signs that it can’t take much longer now before I go into labour. I told her that I kind of had a feeling that baby wouldn’t come much earlier than the due date and that I had a beauty day planned on Tuesday. She laughed and said she hoped I’d make that, but just for my information she was on night duty tonight wink wink.

Somehow that felt like she was announcing that I’d be deported to Siberia the very next day. My natural reaction was a shopping spree. Big luck for the two stores that were closest to the midwife’s praxis! I got random things like make up, new underwear for the whole family, Easter decorations, envelops and stamps for the birth announcement, and a stock of groceries – all quite difficult to get in Siberia aka newborn baby land. Back home, I un- and repacked my hospital bag, vacuum cleaned the whole house until the last corner, re-organized the baby’s wardrobe and read all birthing chapters of the three pregnancy books I own. And the worst night followed. I went to bed early nervous, and every little ache got me wondering if labour was about to start. In the end, I fell asleep at 2 am, no labour in sight. I wanted to hit my midwife at that point. I slept most of the day on Friday and now I am back thinking that my own feeling is probably right and we won’t have the new family member until at least next week.

Baby’s growth: Baby is now about 49 cm long and weighs approximately  3.3 kg.

My growth:
 +12 kg /  102 cm. While I couldn’t stop eating the last weeks, I feel like I am not really getting much bigger now, and my scale confirmed that I have actually lost a kilo. My midwife said that the baby is definitely continuing to grow though, so no reason to worry about that.

Falling to sleep is hard, so I am spending late nights watching netflix until I can roll over to my bed half asleep. And the nesting instinct hit me hard again this week. I cleaned corners and spots at heights that had apparently been neglected for some time. And yes, that included me on a ladder, happy no one was there to drag me off it. Because oh my, even though I needed to rest for hours after the whole cleaning action, it felt highly satisfying :-).

Cravings: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. There can never be enough chocolate, baby and I agree on that point. Furthermore I mostly had the craving to shop.. Made possible by online shopping, I am now the proud owner of two new pair of shoes that fit my new shoe size πŸ™‚

Excercise: Not much this week as we were tied to our house most of the week. I tried to make up for it with some langer walks at the end of the week and my (last?) pregnancy fitness class.

Looking forward to: A relaxing weekend as a family of still three, coffee dates and of course the beauty day next week πŸ™‚ Oh and maybe to a positive birth experience somewhere next week as well!

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