Pregnancy update: 38 weeks!

My 38th pregnancy week was on with ups and downs: It started with being fed up with pregnancy and ended with keeping my fingers crossed that baby holds on in there until its due date…

After a super active start of the week, during which I got the new children’s room finished and also crossed all main points of the pre-baby to do list, I was longing for baby to arrive earlier than planned. With Henrik, I enjoyed every single day of maternity leave and didn’t hope for a day less at any point. So I was suprised this kicked in this week.. But I kind of felt bored, isolated in my being at home most day/netflixing/stuffing my face bubble. Ready to have my hands full again! At the end of the week though, Henrik got the chickenpox and while I was 99% certain I had had the virus as a child, the 1% uncertainty left me scared. So I got a blood analysis and luckily, I indeed have had it before (like almost 99% of the people in Western Europe btw.). Because if I hadn’t, timing couldn’t have been worse as it’s dangerous if I  get it around the birth of the baby. Henrik is his all time happy self, just covered with red spots for a change :-). Even though there’s no major complications to be expected if the baby gets the varicella virus from him once born, I still hope now that I make it to (almost) 40 weeks so Henrik’s state isn’t contagious anymore and we don’t have worry about it at all..

Baby’s growth: Baby is now about 48 cm long and weighs approximately  3.2 kg. According to the midwife, it is likely that baby will be a bit havier than Henrik at birth. Meaning that he or she has about another 0.5 kg to go at least. Maybe that’s the reason for some bad binge eating attacks hitting me the past week?

My growth:
 13 kg /   101 cm. More weight, no belly growth.. All due to edema I am telling myself, ha.

Itchy belly (no wonder if you get stretched out to the size of a watermelon!) and by now I am also experiencing edema. Before you’re imagining something as gross as it sounds: it’s swelling of my legs, feet and hands due to liquid retention. Although a common pregnancy symptom, it’s new to me and I don’t remember having had it with my first pregnancy. It mainly means two things in my case: I can hardly get off my wedding band, and I only still fit two pairs of my (extensive) collection, if you count rain boots as shoes that is.

Cravings: Mainly lots of any food, but even after a full meal there’s always the craving for something sweet. And I am too weak to stop that at this point.. Just enjoying I actually have the time to eat everything I crave while I still can 🙂

Excercise: Mainly walking and cycling, but also some pregnancy fitness exercises.

Looking forward to: I feel like next week will be the last (full) one without the baby. So I’ll try my best to enjoy it and just do whatever feels relaxing. And of course pamper and cuddle my chickenpoxed kid 🙂

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