Pregnancy update: 37 weeks!

Just as I had expected, my first week of maternity leave flew by. It was ice cold, but I had plans every day so I made it outside daily which I already find an achievement :-). Being 37 weeks pregnant in Holland means if I go into labour now, I can stay at home and give birth wherever I want to, no need for medical intervention. I enjoyed an active week and went to the local pool with Henrik, where they have an hour on Mondays that parents and kids can swim in extra heated water. He’s crazy about swimming and his leaps of joy at the sight of the pool are priceless. We had coffee dates with colleagues and friends and their kids and on I got totally hooked on the series Nashville. We also had an appointment at my midwife where we discussed our birthing plan. She did the usual checks and baby’s head is still at the bottom but it’s not engaged yet. That was actually positive news and put our minds at rest,  as husband went to Denmark for two days at the end of the week and I really don’t see how I could get through the big event without him.

After a big renovation last year, our appartment is finally in a state that we’re really happy with it. But it wouldn’t be us if we hadn’t found one thing to do last minute before baby arrives. For one of the bedrooms, there was the plan to get a warderobe that would cover one whole wall, providing hard needed storage space (anyone living in Amsterdam knows it is scarce). We have quite high ceilings (more than 3 metres), so we couldn’t find something that fitted perfectly. So now we had it built by the same carpenter who already made our bathroom cabinet. He placed it this week, which meant a couple of days (and counting) of chaos in the other rooms, and our big old wardrobe standing in the middle of Henrik’s current room. Also meaning that baby really isn’t allowed to come before we’ve managed to get everything in back in a livable state 🙂

Baby’s growth: Baby is now about 46.5 cm long and weighs approximately  3.1 kg. That’s getting pretty close to how much Henrik weighed at birth (3.4 kg). Hard to imagine that I am carrying a whole baby as he was around with me!

My growth:
 12+ kg /   101 cm. I am really highly pregnant now, and putting my shoes on or doing my pedicure (definitely the last time I did this myself in my state!) feel like an athletic challenge.

Some heartburn again, and sleeping is more and more a challenge. I cannot wait to sleep in any position I want again once baby is out!

Cravings: Having had time to go to the supermarket was not good haha. Just to name one example: I ate a pack of Toffifee within 15 minutes. I am also drinking two cups of raspberry leaves tea a day now, apparently it can contribute to a smooth labour.

Excercise: I went swimming twice this week (once with Henrik, so that was more active for him than for me), did some (long) walking and cycling. But I skipped pregnancy fitness as we’re having such an active day getting those rooms ready today that I think I can’t get everything done after an hour of excercising.

Looking forward to: Week two of my leave, with going to the hairdresser on top of my list – badly needed. And obviously I am getting more and more anxious to meet our new family member, so I’ll keep on walking and moving and see if my midwife sees progress at this week’s appointment.

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