Pregnancy update: 36 weeks!

My 36th pregnancy week was at the same time my last one at work. Now I am officially on maternity leave. You get 16 weeks of fully paid leave in the Netherlands, and you have to take at least four weeks of them before your due date. I know that isn’t the case in other countries, but it makes total sense to me. The closer you get to your due date, the more your life gets dominated by your pregnancy. On one hand of course physically, but on the other hand also mentally. So I’m glad I can now just focus on getting some extra rest and preparing mentally for this great event and the changes it will bring for us.

After having been sick during the last two weeks, I actually feel fitter than I have in quite a while. I am positive that the coming weeks will be spent actively and not just lying on the sofa after all. Not that I am not planning run marathons. But I definitely believe that keeping phisically active the coming weeks will help to get me through birth easier and also recover quicker than if I move as little as possible. The last time it has proven to be a good way to go, so hopefully same goes for this one :-).

My last week at work went as planned and gave me the peace of mind that all my things are in good hands there. Of course I also got sentimental every now and then. Like when my colleagues treated me to a lunch and gave me this awesome Bluey walking plane as a baby gift. Even though I am sure I will enjoy the coming months to the fullest, there’s also plenty of reasons to miss being around the office and all the social interactions that come with it. But for now I’m just thankful we get to even have a maternity leave (looking at countries like the US) and also time for ourselves before a baby arrives. Hairdresser, massage, swimming, Netflix, coffee with friends.. Plenty to do until this little mister’s or misses’ arrival!

Baby’s growth: Baby is now about 45 cm long and weighs approximately  2.9 kg

My growth:
 10.5+ kg /   100 cm

Hardly any except for the heavy belly of course, I am feeling really great actually πŸ™‚

Looking forward to: My first week of maternity leave.. Unlike the weeks before, I have planned quite some dates as I will have enough time to rest next to them. Also going to the hairdresser, cuddle with Henrik, go for a swim.. Spoiled me πŸ™‚

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