Pregnancy update: 35 weeks!

This will be a brief update, brought to you from influenza limbo. There’s apparently all kinds of virus infections circulating, and after a break of not even a week, I have welcomed the next one last week. Being sick during the big ‘final countdown’ at work where you want to wrap things up and leave everything well planned and organized so you don’t have to worry about that part of your life during the next months of maternity leave is not the ideal situation. But just one more week to go, we can do this!

Saturdays are usually my favorite. My boys go to the market while I enjoy some me-time, and the rest of the day is different but in any case active every week. Not this one though, I will lay low and get as much rest as I can, because tomorrow we have an all-day hypnobirthing class. It’s the only date that worked for us and also the last moment we can do it, so canceling isn’t really an option. Luckily, my mom is around to help this weekend, she couldn’t have picked a better moment. When I stepped on the scale for this update this morning, I also noticed that for the first time in weeks, there has been no extra weight gain nor belly growth. I guess all my energy is going into coughing and sneezing, ha!

Baby’s growth: Baby is now about 43.5 cm long and weighs approximately  2.5 kg

My growth:
 9+ kg /   99 cm

Nothing remarkable, but I guess the fact that I have the flu again is due to the pregnancy that makes me more prone to get sick from every virus flying around.


Food cravings: Good news is that even without really tasting anything and feeling miserable, I am still hungry and eating lots. That baby makes sure he gets his calories πŸ™‚

Sleep: I am dreaming a lot and sometimes quite intensely. Also more often about my father lately. Sometimes I think the thought that I won’t be able to introduce this grandchild to him is getting to me more and more as birth approaches.

Movements: Baby still has the hiccups quite often and is generally very active.

Looking forward to: My last week at work! On one hand, I cannot wait until I can fully indulge in the last weeks of pregnancy with lots of rest, ironing little baby clothes, going to the hairdresser and things like that to get ready… On the other hand, I am getting emotional at the thought that I won’t be at the office for months, I am sure I’ll miss my team and will long for our healthy chatty lunches together when I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich made in a rush while holding a baby who is in need of a fresh diaper, or milk, or a bath, or..

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