Pregnancy update: 34 weeks!

It’s been a rather crappy week health-wise, I got struck by the flu and well, not a great combination with already not being at the top of my fitness. So after a day mostly sleeping, I worked with my laptop on the sofa, hot tea with lemon and honey always at hand.

Scary enough, I got cramps at night and was actually afraid that labour would start early. I’ve not had this before, also not with my first pregnancy. All kinds of thoughts crossed my mind.. How I still had so much to do, how I didn’t feel ready for labour at all. We still had to go to birthing class, I have forgotten everything, help! Nothing the baby will wear has been washed, the crib is not ready.. You get my fears :-).  Luckily it was all false alarm and it was probably due to all the coughing that I got those cramps. 

So: Baby definitely needs to hang in there for another couple of weeks for me to get ready!

Baby’s growth: About the size of a cantaloupe, baby is now about 42.5 cm long and weighs approximately 2.25 kg

My growth:
 9+ kg /  99 cm

Ligaments pain when I walk for a longer time, cramps from time to time.

Just my pregnancy fitness class this week

Food cravings:  Ice cream with chocolate sauce, lots of water and tea with lemons and oranges

Sleep: Some improvement, yeey! I have started to listen to the hypnobirthing lesson, they make me sleepy so maybe that is helping.. Regrettably though, Henrik has decided that sleeping in until 9 am was just a phase and is back at getting up at 7/7.30, which means no sleeping in during the weekends anymore.

Movements: Baby has discovered a new move with (I guess) one of his feet. It hurts! And he’s having hiccup almost every day.

Looking forward to: My mother’s visit next week! She’s staying for a long weekend and it will be the last time before she becomes a grandmother for the second time.

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