What not to tell a pregnant woman

When you reach the stage at which your pregnancy is clearly visible, you usually get a lot of nice reactions and people congratulate you on the happy news. However, there’s also some comments and advises that you’d rather not hear. But somehow, a lot of people seem to think that you can tell  a pregnant woman anything. As if pregnancy gave you some kind of special status in which you don’t mind people outing their opinions about your looks, your habits and even your future. Here’s some things I wish I wasn’t told…

So this is your second pregnancy? Aaaaah, that explains why you’re already that big! Same as: Wow, you’re suddenly huuuge! or: Oh, you’re not on maternity leave yet? I thought so because you’re already that big! The size of a pregnant woman’s belly is somehow always a hot topic. Especially if you have a particularly small or big belly. Even though I am not really worried about the size of mine, I still don’t enjoy hearing that I’m huge. Because I already feel that way and don’t need confirmation of it, thank you very much 🙂

Enjoy your sleep as long as you still can! I think this is a favourite for most first time moms. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that most pregnant women don’t sleep so well towards the end of their pregnancy. You can’t find a comfortable position, your baby is doing airobics at 1 am, you lay awake with your head spinning from all the thoughts about this big upcoming change in your life, you have to pee 5 times a night.. You see, lots of reasons for not being able to enjoy your sleep.

You look exhausted! Well, I probably am. But can we pretend I’m looking like a sparkling pregnant fairy princess who can take on the world please?

When expecting baby number 1: Enjoy your quiet time while you still can! You’re going to have your hands full with the baby soon. All that crying and lack of sleep, it was very bad at the beginning! Well, I had the 27 years before being pregnant to enjoy that so called ‘quiet time’, and actually looked forward to having my hands full with a baby. Also, just like every pregnancy, every baby is different. The start with that new human can be rough in all kinds of ways. And it’s definitely not all pink roses and being on cloud nine all the time. But not every baby cries a lot or has cramps or never sleeps, so preparing every mother for the worst is really not necessary.

When expecting baby number 2: Enjoy having just one child, once the second one arrives, there won’t be a quiet moment anymore! I don’t think this advise has ever made anyone enjoy their time with their first child more. It sounds more like a threat to me, ha! I am sure life will get more busy with two than with one, that only makes sense. But I look forward to having this new tiny human in our lives and try to block any negative thoughts about it for now.

So this is a list of some things I don’t like to hear. To be honest though, sweet comments from people around me mostly outweigh the less positive. Remarks like You’re beautifully pregnant! are just what you need when moving around like a pinguin and breathing like a Pug dog, so keep them coming please :-).

(Photo by Silke Verberkt-Kücking 2013)

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2 thoughts on “What not to tell a pregnant woman

  1. Love this and your whole blog! I am also a working mom, I’m 38 weeks with my first and all I hear is “sleep while you can!” Pregnancy inspired me to start writing and I love finding other moms with similarities to myself! Keep writing 😊

    ❤ Kayla


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