Pregnancy update: 32 weeks!

Was it the rainy weather, the cold, the lack of sleep, my hours on busses and trams.. I don’t know, but last week was my least favorite pregnancy week so far. I think I got an extra portion of hormones last week, because I was an emotional wreck. I felt super sorry for myself about the fact that I had to skip the bicycle rides and go through the public transport odyssee I so detest. Add floods of rain, pregnancy pains and a husband who’s off to a conference and you have a grumpy me.Β 

Already early during both my pregnancies, I’ve been short of breath all the time. I remember that I wasn’t super far along yet when pregnant with Henrik and my dad called. He asked if I had to run to pick up the phone? And was all surprised when I told him that I’d just been sitting on the sofa. That’s how bad it was! This week, I’ve also gotten some first remarks from my colleagues, who have also noticed the fact that I breath like a Pug dog. I think they worry that I’ll faint or something. Maybe not the strangest thought, if you’re with me at the lunch table and I breath like I’ve just finished a race, while I’m actually just calmly putting spread on my bread, ha! But no worries, being (notably) out of breath is just one of the charming symptoms of pregnant me :-).

Baby’s growth: About the size of a honeydew melon, baby is now about 40 cm long and weighs approximately 1.7 kg

My growth:
7.3+ kg / 96 cm

Oh that heartburn.. I have a whole collection of custard with different flavours in the fridge :-). And the usual suspects: ligaments pain and hurting lower back at the end of a long day.

This week I had to accept that cycling for more than 6 km in a row isn’t an option for me anymore. My ligaments start hurting as the belly pulls on them too hard. As it was a rainy week, I mostly used public transport (not good for my mood, but better for my ligaments). Still enjoying the weekly workout at pregnancy fitness class though!

Food cravings:Β  Fruit, especially kiwis

Sleep: Usually being a super good sleeper, I am struggling with the lack of sleep right now. I lie in bed all exhausted but still can’t fall asleep. My body wants me to get used to little sleep again I guess..

Movements: This week was totally new to me regarding movements: the baby pushed against my organs, sometimes seemed to punch in multiple directions at the time. Although it was not always the most comfortable feeling, it made me laugh as it really feels crazy. Like what the heck are you doing in there??

Purchases: We found a second hand Stokke chair in the color I wanted (white wash) and picked it up last week (well, husband did. I do the purchasing, he does the picking up :-)).

Looking forward to:Β Getting started with my Hypnobirthing course. We have an all day workshop at the beginning of February. In preparation, I have to do a lot of excercises for which I got online material. So I think I’d better get started this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy update: 32 weeks!

  1. I am also always out of breathe at 30 weeks pregnant! forgotten what it’s like to walk down the street without huffing and puffing! you’re right, it’s a charming pregnancy trait we have πŸ™‚

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