(Expensive) newborn baby items that were worth it

Every mother knows this: once baby is here, you find out that some of the things you bought beforehand are of great use, and others.. well, they’re of less or even no use to you. Here are a couple of items where I first had doubts because of their price but which I ended up using a lot with Henrik and am sure I’ll be glad to have with our second baby as well:

  • Baby Bjorn bouncer: My sister-in-law recommended it back when I was pregnant with Henrik. Even though we bought it second hand, it was still more expensive than a lot of other bouncers. But it was most certainly worth the investment! Henrik spent a lot of time in that thing and got very relaxed in it. It can be used horizontally for a newborn and then has two levels for bigger babies. The fabric can be washed, which in our case came in very handy as Henrik surprised us with little ‘accidents’ every now and then.

baby bjorn

  • Stokke Tripp Trapp: an old classic that has been used for decades now, this baby and children’s chair has not been matched by any other model so far. It’s of good and robust quality and kids can use it for several years. Its design also fits quite nicely with our furniture and doesn’t hurt the eye like other more poppy plastic chairs.
  • Stokke newborn set: We loved having Henrik at the table with us from early on, rather than in the bouncer on the floor when we’d be sitting at the table. We like to spend some time at the breakfast table in the weekends, having brunch, reading the newspaper etc. and with Henrik in the newborn set, he got introduced to that family tradition when he was just a couple of weeks old. The newborn set is quite expensive, especially considering that babies can’t usually fit in it longer than 6 months. As you only use it for such a short time and it is washable, it stays in good condition. So maybe that explains why this item is so super popular on the second hand market and gets sold second hand for still 50-70% of the original price. We bought ours from friends, and after we had it for 6 months, we borrowed it to other friends. Between Henrik and his sibling, two more babies enjoyed the newborn set. I think it’s good to put things to good use that way rather than all buying the same stuff, spending a lot and hey, it’s also environment-friendly to have less of the same stuff produced.

  • Ergo baby carrier: We got this carrier from my mother, after I read lots of reviews and decided we’d go for this carrier. The position that a baby takes in it is ergonomically correct (similar to a little frog, having its legs supported up to its knees rather than just letting them hang straight down). If you’re planning to carry your baby for longer periods, that’s an important point to consider. We’ve used the carrier from the start (with the infant insert) and are still using it with Henrik every now and then. It worked magically to put Henrik to sleep, which was super handy during flights. And for breastfeeding moms: while having baby in the carrier (not a newborn, but a couple of months old), you can actually walk and breastfeed at the same time, perfect for fans of muktitasking like myself 🙂

ergo baby

  • Medela breast pump: A breast pump doesn’t sound sexy at all, but oh my how much I love that these have been invented! I had both the Swing and the electric travel model. We started to give Henrik breastmilk from a bottle every now and then quite soon (freeedom!! :-)) and I continued breastfeeding while working, so I was glad I had a very comfortable breastfeeding set to get the daily milk stock needed.


  • Diaper champ: for Henrik, I bought a simple small diaper bin where you remove the lid every time you get rid of a diaper. It was cheaper and esthetically more appealing (small, dark blue) to me than the ever so praised diaper champ. But oh my the smell gets worse and worse as this boy of ours grows bigger! Even though I had been longing for a less smelly solution for quite some time, it took a pregnancy and an extra sensitive sense of smell to make me run for a diaper champ, which I now happily own.

Except for the carrier that we got as a gift, we bought all items second hand. For the Medela breastpump, I only bought the bottles and attachments new. As these are popular brands of good quality, the advantage is that after using them even for a longer period, you can re-sell them again at a good price. In Holland, the most used second hand platform is Marktplaats. More recently, more and more Facebook groups for second hand stuff are popping up though. As they’re usually organized for a specific region or city, they can be very handy as well. For Amsterdam, I use Amsterdam Yard Sale and Family Market Amsterdam.

10 thoughts on “(Expensive) newborn baby items that were worth it

    1. Yes right? We just got our second Stokke chair for the new baby, almost all things crossed off my list now. And now I read your name and think: oops, of course I should have written: every parent knows 🙂


  1. Der “Diaper Champ” ist sicher Gold wert! 🙂 Den hätte ich auch gern gehabt in unserer Mini-Wohnung in Ennetturgi, igittigitt! Aber nein, wir hatten ja sogar waschbare Maxi-Windeln und werweiss ob es für die heute auch so einen praktischen Behälter gibt für eine gewisse “Zwischenlagerung” von babies “Produkten”…hihihi 😀

    Heute kenne ich dieses Ding für die Entsorgung der Katzenstreu-Klumpen. 😉


    1. Ja bin jetzt echt froh drum. Wir hatten uns bei Henrik erst auch waschbare Windeln vorgenommen. Aber wir hatten damals noch keinen Tumbler und auch ohne Windeln hatte ich das Gefühl, ich sei nur am waschen, aufhängen oder abhängen/falten 😬


  2. De triptrap hebben wij ook maar is het geld absoluut waard, ik vind het een ontzettend fijne stoel. Ik had ook een dubbele medela kolf, was heel fijn en ook gewoon nodig 🙂


    1. Ja he! Zeker met de newborn set erbij kun je hem direct en dan ook heel lang gebruiken 🙂 De dubbele lijkt me ook een goede, heb alleen de Swing.


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