Pregnancy update: 31 weeks!

Pregnant life is definitely better spent lying at a Caribbean beach or within a 500 m radius of my home. That’s my conclusion after a rainy week back at work. 

Having an office job, my work isn’t really physically challenging, but getting there and back home uses up quite some of my rare energy. Nevertheless, it’s also nice to get out of the house and be active. Only five more weeks of work before I’ll disappear into the baby bubble for a while. And 9 weeks to go until baby’s arrival. Here’s my update for this week:

Baby’s growth: About the size of a coconut, baby is now about  39 cm long and weighs approximately 1.5 kg

My growth: 7+ kg / 95 cm

Symptoms: Sleeping is getting more difficult, then the usual pains around the hips.. and oh yes: the milk factory is getting started..

Workouts: Cycled to work three days. The way to the office goes well, the way back is harder after a whole day carrying the belly around. So I might have to do 1-2 days with public transport next week. And my fit pregnancy lesson of course!

Food cravings & aversions: coca cola zero, anything with chocolate taste, pudding. Aversion: coffee with cow milk

Sleep: difficult to fall asleep, and I dream a lot. And I get up once or twice every night.. Luckily, there’s the weekend to sleep in!

Movements: less intense but still moving regularly, punching me every now and then

Purchases: Ordered a maternity blouse. Nothing better than wearing clothes that fit the big belly to make me feel less big!

Looking forward to: not being pregnant anymore and moving normally, ha! Noo, of course this baby needs to stay put for another 9 weeks and grow bigger and healthy, but I am looking forward to have him or her with us and getting rid of the pregnancy aches

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