Pregnancy massage

Being pregnant makes me happy and excited. But nearing the end, it’s also turning into a pain in the ass..With my second pregnancy, I’ve experienced more of the typical pregnancy aches and pains than with my first one. I get pain in my groin from standing too long, lower back pain from being too active. And generally, with an active toddler around, I am simply more exhausted. Hot mama? Nope – more often, I feel like an overweight old lady over here.

So last week, I decided to treat myself to a pregnancy massage. I mean, everyone agrees to the motto mom happy, everyone happy, am I right? I found Back on Track through Treatwell, an online platform where you can book all kinds of beauty treatments. Shiraz welcomed me in her appartment, where she has her massage space set up, with relaxing music and scents.

She asked me about special needs or issues and explained what she was going to do. Leaving out the upper back and the feet, she explained, was due too pressure points that can better not be stimulated during pregnancy. I loved that she explained that to me and made me feel safe in the hands of a real expert!

I enjoyed an hour of the pregnancy massage, lying on both sides and my back. It included legs, lower back, neck and arms and was simply exactly what I had needed. No doubt I will book another session before my due date. The costs for a 60 minutes massage are 40 Euros, I haven’t found any other place that offers a great massage at that price in Amsterdam. For non-pregnant ladies and interested men: of course there’s also a variety of other massages that you can get at Back on Track. You can best book with Shiraz directly through the Facebook page.

Any other tips how to make sure you stay as relaxed as possible during the last weeks of pregnancy are highly welcome by the way!

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