Our travel bucket list for 2016

The first quarter of this year will, of course, be marked by the birth of our second baby. We’ll first of all welcome that little wonder, get to know each other and settle in as a family of four. But I already have my fingers crossed that Henrik’s sibling will follow his lead and become a little globetrotter. Positive thinking is the best motto to make it happen, so here’s our travel bucket list for 2016:


Zurich, Switzerland: Zurich being my home town, this is not a big adventure of course. But the fact that most of my family and good friends live there, make it the obvious first destination we’ll travel to after baby’s arrival. And I guess that flying with two kids for the first time will be an own little adventure in itself! Being on maternity leave, I’ll definitely stay a week or longer, enjoying some summer days in this beautiful city at the lake of Zurich. Henrik loves swimming, and Zurich has a couple of nice public bathing beaches with great amenities where you can spend relaxed days with kids. My favourite ones with kids are Tiefenbrunnen and Mythenquai (the latter actually has a sandy beach). Next to the obvious option of swimming in the lake, they both have lovely paddling pools for babies and toddlers


Ardennes, Belgium: For years now, I have stated that I will never ever go on a family camping trip. Call it a childhood trauma or simple realism, I just dread a vacation involving a tent, doing the dishes in a plastic bin and shared showers. Don’t get me wrong: romantically camping for 2-3 days as a couple or at a festival with my friends, why not! But an actual (long)  family camping trip: help! Masses of Dutch families happily spend their summer holidays camping, and somehow, lucky me, my husband also thinks that that’s a wonderful way to spend your holidays as a kid. I dare to disagree, but I also know that marriage is all about compromises.. So, I have promised to try camping with the kids this summer, for a short trip nearby. Henrik is now excited about tents and basically sleeps anywhere. And baby will be 3 or 4 months old and will probably be happy anywhere as long as my boobs are within reach. This plan holds the advantage that we can leave quite spontanously, and don’t have to plan or book in advance. Belgium won’t be crazy busy and is a short drive away. It’s also an unexpensive option, which leaves more budget for the bigger trips this year. And: if it gets as horrible as I often imagined this long postponed camping trip, we can hop back in the car and be home within no time, yeey!


Ibiza: Is it just me, or was Ibiza all over the social media last year? It seemed like every blogger I follow promoted that island with gorgeous pictures. But next to being a hipster destination, I’ve also heard lots of positive travel experiences from friends and family with little kids. As though that hadn’t already been enough to put Ibiza om my bucket list, husband spent a couple of days there for work (lucky him!) and fell in love with it. He came home and kept talking about what a pretty, relaxed hippie island it was and the fact that he wants to go back there as soon as possible definitely put it at the top of my list. We’re planning to rent a house for a week with friends there coming fall. Summers there tend to be quite hot, so we’ve chosen to travel in October, especially as we’ll all have babies with us


Christmas holidays abroad: After Thailand, Mexico and Curacao, we’ll be looking into our next destination for the Christmas holidays. The short list so far: Panama, Costa Rica, Tulum (Mexico), South Africa. Many people can’t imagine being away for the holidays (or they’re afraid of their families never talking to them again). For us, this time of the year is a relaxed time to travel because very few people are working. I am even kindly asked by my company to take the days around Christmas and New Year’s off, and husband can also enjoy the quietness of his mailbox and phone like no other time of the year. And although as proper Swiss I’ll definitely want to spend Christmas somewhere on a snowy mountain once the kids are at an age that I can teach them how to ski or snowboard, for now we like to make plans to escape the (mostly rainy) Dutch winter for a couple of weeks. The destination still has to be defined, but for a two weeks holiday, the criteria are: some beach time, some culture, some exploring, lots of new food

With a new baby, you never know: maybe we’ll add extra or other travel plans, or we’ll have to scratch some of our ideas off our list. For now, these  are great travel plans to look forward to, so to the salsa dancer in my belly: help us to make it happen πŸ™‚

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