Pregnancy update: 30 weeks!

Being the follower of several mommy-blogs, I must admit that I’m a big fan of pregnancy updates. Don’t exactly know why, but I just like to read about other women’s experiences and comparing them with my own. So for the last 10 weeks (or 8? or 12??) of this pregnancy, I decided to add my own updates. Have fun reading and maybe comparing!

2 days into the new year, I am 30 weeks along today. With only 6 weeks at work before my maternity leave starts and so many things on my to do list, I know these last weeks will fly by. On one hand, I cannot wait to welcome this baby, on the other hand, I sometimes want time to stand still so I can make sure I am actually ready for this :-).

Baby growth: About the size of a large cabbage, baby is now about 38 cm long and weighs approximately 1,5 kg

My growth: +6 kg / 94 cm

Symptoms: I feel quite fit in the mornings and more and more like a small hippo as the evening approaches 🙂 Last week, I’ve had a nice package of the less pleasant pregnancy symptoms: sudden ache in my hip, pain in my lower back when I’m up and active for (too) long and heartburn, my old time favourite (not). So my breastfeeding pillow for sleeping and Rennie pills for the heartburn have been my best friends this past week.

Workouts: I went shopping twice, which both times felt like a major workout after which I felt absolutely shattered. Exclusively online shopping from here onwards for me! Other than that, I made it to my ‘fit pregnancy class’ and after 2 weeks of holidays, it felt great to be doing some exercise again. It consists of half an hour cardio and half an hour Pilates and muscle training.

Food cravings & aversions: I need a big caffe latte with soya milk (and only soya milk) every morning. According to my neighbor who has 3 boys, liking coffee during your pregnancy means it’s a boy. We’ll see! Also, I crave Coca Cola Zero with lemon, apricot marmelade and chocolate, lots of it! No real aversions other than feeling nauseous just thinking about mould cheese (why do I even do that?)

Sleep: I can’t fall asleep until quite late, which might also still be some jetlag though. I wake up at least once every night and then think about way too much stuff so it takes a while until I get back to sleep

Movements: Baby has been super active, it often feels like it’s doing some proper aerobics in there

Purchases: A diaper champ diaper bin

Looking forward to: Going back to the office after almost 3 weeks off! Lots to things to check off my to do list before my maternity leave starts. Also, I’ll get back on my bicycle and see how the 12 km to the office go


9 thoughts on “Pregnancy update: 30 weeks!

    1. Thanks Judith for the very first comment on my blog 🙂 Well I will try to get to the office on my bicycle, we’ll have to actually see how it goes on Monday…


  1. Haha, Rennie-Tabletten! Da kommen ja fast nostalgische Gefühle auf. Dieses Produkt scheint quasi unser “Familien-Medikament” zu sein. In Münster liegen in der Nachttischschublade auf Vatis Seite immer 2-3 Sets mit diesen Tabletten. Schoggi und Rennie, ein unzertrennliches Paar, auch ohne Schwangerschaft!… An häufiges Magenbrennen in der Schwangerschaft mag ich mich allerdings auch erinnern.

    Gib Sorg mit dem Velo!! 12 km scheint mir eine sehr lange Strecke! Planst du, sie zweimal am Tag zurückzulegen?!


    1. Oh dann ist es also ein Dietiker Problem! Ich habe es zum Glück nur während der Schwangeraschaft, schrecklich unangenehm! Ja ich schaue mal, wie es morgen geht. Bis vor den Ferien hat es prima geklappt. Und mit ÖV brauche ich leider viel länger als mit Fahrrad, und das Stehen und Warten in der Kälte ist auch keine verlockende Alternative..


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