A second child!

With my first pregnancy, it all went pretty smoothly. Nevertheless, I didn’t assume that the same would be the case with the second one. All doubts and fears luckily turned out to be unnecessary, and quite soon I was holding a positive pregnancy test in my hands. This child is so wanted and after a very hard year that followed the loss of my dad, the promise of this new life helps me focusing on the future. But it’s scary at the same time.

We’ve settled so well into our life with our boy. He’s a joy to be around, happily playing on his own, having conversations with us and making us laugh all the time. Also, traveling with him, even flying long distances, is not a problem now. He loves planes and sleeps well.

Sleep! A magic word. Henrik didn’t sleep through the night (with a few exceptions then and there) for the first two years. So the fact that he now sleeps about 12 hours in a row and I’m actually often awake before him in the morning is a life changer. And we’ll have to say goodbye to that again in March. But even though I know it will take time and work to find our routine as a family of four, I really can’t wait for our baby to arrive, for Henrik to become a big brother and to see how they grow up together.

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