A big bellies New Year’s Eve

Happy new year everyone! I hope you started well into 2016, with loved ones around you and just the way you wanted to celebrate the beginning a a new year. Together with our best friends, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and then watched the fireworks from the rooftop terrace. Us three ladies had one thing in common: we’re all expecting!Β 

I am really looking forward to having close friends with babies around us the coming year, and cannot wait to meet all those new additions to our circle of friends. With my first pregnancy, I was the only one having a baby at the time amongst our closer friends. Of course I met other new moms through different activities like pregnancy yoga or baby swimming. But now I am thrilled to share this all with some of my closest friends.

Having only pregnant ladies at the dinner table meant that more often than not, the topics tended to be either pregnancy or baby related. Our poor husbands! But we cannot really be blamed, can we? It is quite a big thing that automatically takes a priority position in our lives. You can also not ignore it – proven by the fact that we all just had one fancy outfit we still fitted for the evening and that we clinked glasses with children’s champagne.

Even though we had all discussed beforehand how on earth we’d manage to stay awake until midnight, we somehow all got an energy boost and were all surprisingly awake long after that. I was also glad that Henrik slept well and wasn’t too scared of the fireworks that went on for hours.

Too much food, lots of (baby) talk and no headache in the morning: We had a pretty good start of an exciting new year!

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