Punta Sal, Peru

Last November, we spent two weeks in Peru. My mom is originally from Lima and ever since Henrik was born, she’s been longing to present him to my grandparents and the rest of our Peruvian family. So with me being in my second trimester, we decided that now would be the right time.

2015-11-24 14.26.02

Next to a week in Lima to see as many friends and family as possible, I took the chance of being in Peru to head North and get to know a part of the country I didn’t know yet. While having traveled quite a bit through Peru in the past, I had never been to the most Northern part, which has the prettiest beaches and a lovely climate.

2015-11-19 07.58.00

We booked a local flight from Lima to Talara and then took a taxi for the 1 hour ride to Punta Sal. This area is just next to the village of Mancora, which is especially famous as a great surf spot. As we were looking for a more quiet place, I got the recommendation from a friend that Punta Sal was very relaxed and had a quiet bay with small waves.

2015-11-18 15.45.14.jpg

Having rented a bungalow, we cooked at home, hung out on the terrace and spent most of the day at the beach which was 100 metres from the house. It was low season, so there were hardly any people around we got all zen 🙂 Henrik loved running around the terrace and playing with the sand at the beach.

2015-11-19 17.28.34

After having waited 2,5 years to make this trip as I wasn’t sure how much fun Lima would be with a baby/toddler, combining it with this beach vacation was a great decision!

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